The Company

Harbor Life Settlements is a company which helps raise awareness of Life Insurance settlements, with over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. It helps retired people who can no longer afford to pay increasing insurance premiums sell their policies for cash. Instead of letting their policies lapse and get nothing, senior citizens can use Harbor Life’s services and get up to 70% of the benefits.

The Challenge

Harbor Life uses complex marketing campaigns run through various social media providers and managed through their internal Call Center and Salesforce system. With the ever growing number of claims, the process that requires several interaction between Harbor Life employees and potential clients was getting stressed and efficiency metrics needed to be put in place in order to have a better overview and be able to monitor the entire claims process.

Quark Technologies has allowed us to see actionable insights within our company, live, 24/7. They’ve been an absolute game changer in helping us become more efficient and effective across multiple departments.

– Lucas Siegel, CEO at Harbor Life Settlements

The Solution

Quark Team set up a framework for ingesting through APIs the data from the various social media advertisers, internal Five9 call center and Salesforce. Data was then loaded into Amazon Redshift and modeled for reporting and analysis purposes in order to be available on a near real time bases to the customer’s Klipfolio Analytics platform.

The Business Impact

• Created Dashboards for live tracking of Call Center Agent Occupancy and monitoring of Agent’s Ready and On Call times;
• New Analytics geared towards the Harbor Life Sales Center showing Policy trend statuses;
• Dashboards meant to monitor current status and show trends for all steps involved in the business’ policy acquisition, management and purchasing workflow.