The Company

Frisbo offers fulfillment as a service to online merchants by connecting local fulfillment centers into one network, integrated with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Using Frisbo, online merchants are able to deliver next day anywhere in Europe by keeping their stocks in multiple locations, syncing them with multiple sales channels and accessing local courier services.

Currently Frisbo’s fulfillment network covers over 15 European countries with over 30 warehouses integrated and it is used by over 200 merchants.

The Challenge

A key part of Frisbos business is creating a system that connects businesses to both customers and other business. The purpose is to provide an easy to use and manage delivery, shipping and monitoring system for delivering parcels between connected parties.

Their intention was to create an automated delivery system between retailers and couriers. The end goal was to make this system not only reliable and easy to use and extend, but also have a serverless architecture (as much as possible).

The initial system, migrated from another cloud provider, was due to a redesign so the move to AWS offered the perfect opportunity to switch to the desired service oriented approach.

The goal was to be able to have a system that can easily reach and then scale the management and tracking of around 100.000 orders per month with more than 40 international couriers, all while trying to significantly reduce the operational costs compared to the legacy system migrated over from the previous cloud provider.

We opted for Quark’s development services and had a brilliant experience. They understood the requirements right from the beginning, offered support, and showed dedication throughout the project. The team delivered quality software that is easily maintainable, scalable, and most importantly fully tested. We highly recommend Quark’s development services.

– Razvan Avram, Technical Lead at Frisbo

The Solution

Quarks role in the project was support the architectural decision as well as provide development for the new features added to the scope of the project. 

Processing wise the solution became Lambda centric especially since the move from containers into Lambda function proved a solid, performant and cost-effective approach. 

Orders processing for couriers were managed through Lambda microservices and client APIs. 

Scraping of tracking information as well as courier order creation and tracking of parcel statuses were done through Lambda microservices connected to client API endpoints

To overcome the language barriers that international shipping can present, a unified translation mechanism was implemented using AWS Translate in combination with features offered by the C libpostal library.

The Business Impact

The move to a Lambda based architecture offered a cost reduction by 80% over legacy architecture.

The switch to AWS services meant that the usage of value-added services like AWS Translate was easy to integrate with the existing infrastructure.

The flexibility of Lambda functions offered an excellent way to achieve a robust and performant system while driving the operational cost down due to the serverless nature of the service.

The Platform has become easy to extend, robust and can be used as a template for other products within Frisbo.