The Company

Frisbo offers fulfillment as a service to online merchants by connecting local fulfillment centers into one network, integrated with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Using Frisbo, online merchants are able to deliver next day anywhere in Europe by keeping their stocks in multiple locations, syncing them with multiple sales channels and accessing local courier services.

Currently Frisbo’s fulfillment network covers over 15 European countries with over 30 warehouses integrated and it is used by over 200 merchants.

The Challenge

Frisbo was already using Cloud services for their product but wanted to switch to AWS in order to benefit from the multitude of services AWS offers, the scalability options and improve the overall performance of their solution. Furthermore, they wanted to make the switch to AWS as soon as possible, so time was of the essence, while the functionality of their systems should remain unchanged and be minimally affected. 

Their existing solution was developed over the course of time and was mostly feature oriented as the product required first and foremost the development of new features and functionalities. Once moved to AWS they wanted to go to a more standardized, enterprise approach that would better suite their growing business both feature wise but also infrastructure and development processes wise. 

They have been an invaluable resource for us at every step of the way. We were able in short time to migrate our whole platform to AWS thanks to their help. Quark Technologies definitely has the experience and know-how needed for anything AWS related and that is why we are very likely to recommend them to anyone in need of their skills. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with their team since it opened up so many possibilities for us.

– Bogdan Colceriu, CEO at Frisbo

The Solution

Quark’s role in the project was to use its knowledge of AWS services to offer consultancy and best practices approach in order to achieve a quick migration to AWS that would be the basis for future expansion into AWS but serve also a platform for core services redesigns if needed. 

Considering the time constraints that were imposed by the project it was advised and decided that the best approach would be a lift and shift migration from the old cloud provided

Key components that needed to be migrated were identified and recommendations for best suited AWS services and best practices for configuration and integration of the services were provided.

Furthermore, as the system required maintaining of 3rd party services that at the moment were key to the infrastructure but could not be shifted yet to AWS, setup and ways to integrate these components were considered in the overall architecture

A new multi account approach was presented that would allow separation between production, development, and testing infrastructure in order to support the ever-growing number of services of the company as well as a growing team of developers and testes.

The next phase of the project will be the full migration of services still not in AWS to native offerings and move to a more serverless architecture. The drive for this is to not only increase the reliability of the solution but also to significantly reduce the costs currently kept high by the services that were lift and shifted in phase one.

The Business Impact

Frisbo was successful in migrating their infrastructure to AWS in the desired time frame.

The new functional platform is now robust enough to be used to add new feature and to integrate more and more AWS services as business and technical needs dictate it.

The product’s infrastructure has greatly increased in stability and the technical team can now focus on product and feature development.

The platform and the switch to AWS has offered the team increased flexibility in scaling up/down the infrastructure in order to maximize the performance of the product.