The Company

The Doina Cornea Foundation is a Romanian NGO. Its mission is to keep the memory of Doina Cornea, a famous Romanian personality, alive by organizing cultural, educational and charitable events.

The Challenge

The Foundation’s budget consists of donations from private individuals, companies and public support. Budgeting and reporting are a crucial part of the Foundation’s operations and due to the increase in size and scope, has become harder to manage. Doina Cornea Foundation faced three main challenges:

1. No clear overview of revenue and expenses. Revenue is split across multiple sources that are hard to track and categorize; expenses need to be tied to multiple projects that happen at the same time. Combined, they create a budgeting nightmare for the Foundation that has to spend time on operation rather than fulfilling its mission statement.

2. Hard to forecast. The lack of real time information related to revenue and expenses, combined with the complexity of the ongoing projects, makes forecasting extremely difficult.

3. The Foundation’s donors receive updates on the ongoing projects and are interested in seeing reports. These reports need to be comprehensive, easy to read and as much as possible, automatically generated in order to save time for the Foundation’s staff.

Quark Technologies took the time to understand our unique data needs and delivered a customized platform that has enabled us to gain deeper insights, make more informed decisions, and communicate our impact effectively. We eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration with them in optimizing our data-driven approach.

– Leontin Iuhas, President

The Solution

Quark Technologies built the whole data analytics and reporting platform. S3 was used as a data lake for storing all incoming data regardless of format and source. Lambda functions served the computational needs for the initial transformation processes on the data lake files and as an automated data ingestion mechanism for bringing structured data into the AWS RDS database.

ETL processes within the database transformed and aggregated the data in order to achieve the required analytical insights support. Quicksight was used as a reporting tool in order to create dashboards and reports that supplied the management with the desired KPIs and complex reports required to support their decision making.

The Business Impact

As a result, the Doina Cornea Foundation is now able to visualize their revenue and expenses in real time, budget and plan their projects in advance and most importantly better understand their own data.