The Company

Diray Media is a US advertising agency and industry leader that integrates TV and digital in a combined cross-media campaign providing marketing solutions to clients from various industries.

The Challenge

Traditionally, Diray Media’s campaigns consisted predominantly of TV advertising. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in volume, changes in measuring results, a shift from offline to online; along with the benefits of such a change came several problems:

• workload quadrupled, revenue remained flat
• the amount of data significantly increased and became more granular
• invoicing time increased
• reporting had to be done cross-channel

All the above put a lot of pressure on the business. To stay competitive, the company had to adapt to a changing market and make significant improvements to their systems. What started as an internal project to make minor changes soon became a full revamping project outsourced to a highly specialized company focused on big data and analytics – Quark.

We needed an integrated data solution that combines campaign data from both TV and digital media. Quark’s team helped us with strategy, data structure, and developing customized reporting, which our clients love. We now have a fully integrated solution that delivers TV, digital and combined reporting, the foundation for making faster data-driven decisions.

– Matthew Greger, VP of Technology

The Solution

The first thing that had to be changed was the reporting system. As soon as Quark started working on the project, we realized that Diray Media’s data wasn’t structured correctly, making the information very hard to extract. Due to inefficiencies in reading the information, the whole process was slow and reporting very inadequate. Restructuring the database by creating a Data Warehouse in AWS cloud and building the dynamic reporting system was crucial for laying a solid foundation.

Quark fully redesigned the way data was injected and integrated with other systems. We created a generic data extraction/insertion framework used to transfer information, in real time, between Diray Media’s Redshift Data Warehouse and other third-party systems. It uses easy to write pluggable sources and destinations to transfer data between APIs, files and Databases.

Also, we created a highly secured business intelligent platform for providing predefined and custom insights into Diray Media’s data. Next, we’re going to expand the analytics tool on top of the existing platform and provide predictive insights and media attribution functionalities to Diray Media’s existing platform.

Throughout the project, the Quark technical team worked in close collaboration with Diray Media experts, who helped us understand their business and project goals. After months of working side by side, we got so accustomed with working together that we began to feel part of a bigger group. Now, we’re looking forward to the road ahead, knowing that no matter what challenges we face, we’ll face it as a team.

The Business Impact

• Created over 100 predefined pixel perfect cumulative Jasper reports.
• Deployed interactive dashboards, data marts and ad-hoc reporting and analyzing capabilities over the created Redshift infrastructure.
• Built real time analytics, based on excellent performance of the new platform, at a lower cost.
• Increased productivity of the operational team through automated generation of reports and statistics that need to be sent to Diray Media’s end clients.
• Fully automated Diray Media’s digital billing reports.
• Ad-hoc data discovery functionality improved Diray Media’s understanding of their data