Build Data Lake platforms in the cloud

The Challenge

Multiple Sources

Data is scattered across various sources without a common repository that provides an effective overview

Unstructured Data

Information is stored in various formats both structured and unstructured data

No Visibility/No Insights

The desired data exists but it is not processed, integrated and analyzed in order to provide meaningful insights

The Solution

Provide a Data Lake centric Architecture to store all existing data regardless of source, structure or format

Architect, Design and Model a Warehouse solution that integrates all existing information into a quarriable and analysable structure

Set up Data Ingestion mechanisms to move data from both legacy and new data sources to and from the Data Lake

Enforce data Lifecycle Management strategies for data archival and retrieval

Create Data transformation and Visualisations on top of the Architecture in order to provide new insights and predictions

The Business Impact

Solution is capable of both vertical and horizontal scaling when data increases

Service oriented, pay only for what you use

Backend infrastructure can be connected to most of the existing BI and Visualisation tools

Users can have data as it was intended, as diverse but integrated whole, being capable of providing them with the information needed for their day-to-day operations

Users take control of how they store, load, transform and interpret their data

Analytics and Visualisations will allow users to better understand their processes and give them insights into their business