The Company

Alternascript is a US Natural Supplements retail company with a vast portfolio of products. They develop, market and distribute safe & effective over-the counter nutraceuticals. The company finds the best researchers, sources the highest quality ingredients and works with the most experienced GMP certified manufacturers to fulfil their vision of helping people.

The Challenge

Alterna uses social media and TV campaigns in order to market its subscription-based products. The company needed to track the efficiency of its campaigns and monitor the purchasing trends of their subscribed customers. Furthermore, it needed a motivational way of improving Call Center employee performance.

Quark Technologies has allowed us to see actionable insights within our company, live, 24/7. They’ve been an absolute game changer in helping us become more efficient and effective across multiple departments.

– Lucas Siegel, CEO at Alternascript

The Solution

Quark Team set up a Python framework for ingesting through APIs the data from the various social media advertisers (Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Amazon, etc). Data was then loaded into Amazon Redshift(from S3) and modelled for reporting and analysis purposes in order to be available on a near real time bases to the customer’s Tableau Dashboards and Klipfolio Analytics platform. Furthermore, a fully integrated Cloud solution for Call Center gamification, based on SaaS tools was created, with Near real time analytics support. Integration was done with the customer’s internal Five9 and Desk platforms.

The Business Impact

• Created Dashboards for live tracking of Daily Spend and aggregated across the various marketing platforms.
• Daily, weekly, and Monthly overview comparisons of revenue streams and net profits.
• Subscribers Decline and Cancel rate overviews at day, week, and month level.
• Increased Call Center Employee Engagement.
• Real time Call Center Performance Overview and Management.
• Platform for objective performance evaluation and feedback based on real life metrics.
• Improved motivation and  recognition within workforce.